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Jacob Runge
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2022 Primal Turkey Hunt Winner shares memories

“Good afternoon, ma’am,

I’m writing to tell you about what a wonderful experience my time in northern Michigan was, and how great of brand ambassadors Mr. Wiltse and Mr. Gibbs were during our hunt this week. Literally from the point of arrival, my guest (Cooper Yelton, cc’d) and I were treated like celebrities. I was floored at the level of care and attention we received, even knowing Charlie told me he was “rolling out the red carpet.” Our lakehouse accommodations were wonderful, and the perfect home base for our excursions. The terrain was absolutely gorgeous. I’m currently living in Michigan, and grew up in Kentucky; it was unlike anything I’ve experienced… Sometimes we were hunting vast stretches of agriculture that looked like Iowa, and other times we were hunting stripped pine forest that looked like we were outside Missoula.

After each hunt, Charlie and Phil had a wonderful meal laid out for us – anything from breakfast burritos in the morning, elk steak and baked potatoes, an excellent beef bourguignon, each better than the next. I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to get to know them during our time in the blinds together, and over a pour of bourbon each night (I’m from Kentucky, I can’t help it… I did, at least, bring the good stuff). Though I never got a bird in range, I saw as many turkey as I ever have in my life, and learned a multitude of new turkey hunting techniques. Prior to the trip, I had hunted them before, but am largely a novice – I had never even hunted of a ground blind for any game. Cooper was able to put a bird down the second day, and the elation in all of us was palpable. Guys we hadn’t known 48 hours prior were dancing to celebrate… I can’t help smile typing that out.

I don’t have a single thought about the trip that’s even close to criticism. I wish it was longer, because it’s what I love doing. Please pass along my utmost praise to Mr. Ransom and whoever else at Primal needs to hear it. My only question is: where I can get a couple of Wraith 270s that maximize Primal’s cut of what I’m paying?


Jacob Runge”

May 13, 2022

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